For the past decade Julie Spira has been writing about and quoted in articles on the collision of politics and love due to Donald Trump’s run for presidency.

This topic is timely and so divisive that her interview in the Sacramento Bee on dating and politics resulted in Sean Hannity complaining about it on his show after Spira stated singles were swiping left on mobile apps and didn’t want to date Trump supporters.

Love in the Age of Trump: How Politics is Polarizing Relationships is a view through the lens of an internationally recognized and award-winning dating coach who conducted personal interviews with over 100 people, both singles and couples, on how politics has impacted their romantic relationships.

Spira takes a deep dive into why Donald Trump has caused so much turmoil to those who lean left, right, or somewhere in between.

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Can Love Survive Trump?

I grew up believing love conquers all, but in this current political climate, I now fear President Trump has shattered romance as it once existed.

As a dating coach in the business of forging love relationships, I saw first-hand the strain on both single daters and couples when Donald Trump ran for and became president.

And I’ve been hiding a secret.

During the campaign, my long-term boyfriend and I were on opposite ends of the political spectrum. He was on the right, and I was on the left. Initially, this didn’t alarm me, but over time, the division began to tear us apart, thus putting our relationship to the test.

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Would you date across party lines?

A conservative woman decided to create a dating app solely for Trump supporters. Online Dating Expert Julie Spira weighs in on Nightline.

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Voting Poll - Love in the Age of Trump

We asked, and you answered. Close to 90% said they would not date someone who didn’t vote in the Presidential, or even the Midterm Election.

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Love in the Age of Trump

Good luck getting a date in D.C. if you work for the Trump administration, and it’s not just happening in Washington. All across the country, singles are asking the big questions of who did you vote for and who do you work for?

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I’m a believer in truth-in-advertising, and as I said in my essay, Can Love Survive Trump, the challenges of dating in Trump’s America have been painful, and have resulted in reducing the dating pool by 50% for those with strong opinions on either side of the political spectrum.
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Last year, I believe Donald Trump hijacked Valentine’s Day. This year, I’m relieved love is back atop the dating totem pole.  In 2017, with the Inauguration Day and Valentine’s Day less than a month apart, the results of the Electoral College vote permeated…
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It’s been one-year since Donald Trump took office, and singles are still dealing with the big political elephant in the room, our commander-in-chief and his tweets.  During the election, and in the aftermath since Trump became president..
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