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Watch Julie Spira on Nightline – Politics and Dating Apps

While researching my book, “Love in the Age of Trump,” I strived to find as much balance as possible and to hear all points of view. I asked singles if they’d date someone who didn’t vote, and 87% said no. The poll on the Love in the Age of Trump homepage asks, “Would you date […]

Voting Poll - Love in the Age of Trump

Not Voting Reduces Your Chance of Finding a Date

Voting is sexy, and if you don’t cast your vote in an election, you just might not be dateable. Of the many requirements singles have when selecting a date, you can now add the question of “Did you vote?” as one of them. In our Facebook survey, we posed the question of, “Would you date […]

Love in the Age of Trump

Millennials Working for Trump Administration are Undateable

Dating in Trump’s America seems to be getting more complicated with the potential dating pool being cut in half. In a feature piece on the cover of Politico magazine, written by Ben Schrekinger and Daniel Lippman, the pair interviewed over 30 Millennials who are, or were working as White House staff. The duo not only […]

Dating Sites Weigh in on Politics

If you’re wondering if dating has gotten complicated since the election, you’re absolutely right. It’s been one-year since Donald Trump took office, and singles are still dealing with the big political elephant in the room, our commander-in-chief and his tweets. During the election, and in the aftermath since Trump became president, talking about politics has […]

Online Dating: Love Trumps Politics

Last year, I believe Donald Trump hijacked Valentine’s Day. This year, I’m relieved love is rising back to the top of the dating totem pole. In 2017, with the Inauguration Day and Valentine’s Day less than a month apart, the results of the Electoral College vote permeated the bedroom, as well as surfaced in heated […]

Dating a Trump Supporter Ranks Lower Than Having Bad Sex

I’m a believer in truth-in-advertising, and as I said in my essay, Can Love Survive Trump, the challenges of dating in Trump’s America have been painful, and have resulted in reducing the dating pool by 50% for those with strong opinions on either side of the political spectrum. This new survey of 2,000 singles in […]