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Not Voting Reduces Your Chance of Finding a Date

Voting is sexy, and if you don’t cast your vote in an election, you just might not be dateable.

Of the many requirements singles have when selecting a date, you can now add the question of “Did you vote?” as one of them.

In our Facebook survey, we posed the question of, “Would you date someone who didn’t vote, with an overwhelming number, 87% saying, “no way.”

Some of the comments we received include:

“As long as they didn’t vote for Trump.”

“I’d vote to DUMP them. If you don’t vote, you don’t really care about the direction of our country. I couldn’t fall for someone who really didn’t care about that.”

“[Voting] says a lot about a person and if they don’t care/participate in our democracy. Life’s too short to waste an hour. Ask ahead.”

“It’s important to be a participant in society! No excuse not to vote! Shows laziness, self-centered character traits; maybe someone who is greedy.”

“It says a lot about a person if they don’t care/participate in our democracy. Life’s too short to waste an hour. Ask ahead.”

What Should You Do if You Don’t Want to Talk About Politics?

On Hill TV’s RISING, I spoke with Krystal Ball and Buck Sexton about how politics is appearing front and center in dating profiles. Whether a single is wearing a MAGA hat, or requests that someone “swipes left if you voted right,” if you don’t want politics to create a love triangle on a date, simply say you’re “apolitical” on your profile, or don’t mention politics at all.

If your date brings up politics, and you’d prefer not having a conversation on who should fund the wall, or if there should be a new wall at all, simply let your date know you’d rather talk about the weather, favorite vacations, or table the political talk until another date.

Is politics affecting your love life?

Julie Spira is America’s Top Online Dating Expert and is a political dating expert. She’s the author of Love in the Age of Trump: How Politics is Polarizing Relationships.

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Love in the Age of Trump

Millennials Working for Trump Administration are Undateable

Love in the Age of TrumpDating in Trump’s America seems to be getting more complicated with the potential dating pool being cut in half.

In a feature piece on the cover of Politico magazine, written by Ben Schrekinger and Daniel Lippman, the pair interviewed over 30 Millennials who are, or were working as White House staff. The duo not only found that liberals are opposed to dating across party lines, but if you work in the Trump administration, expect to get an unpleasant earful before someone swipes left to ghost you, and they will.

The story, Young Trumpies Hit D.C….And D.C. Hits them Right Back went viral, and it was of no surprise to me.

I’ve been writing about the collision of love and politics for several years, and as an online dating expert and relationship coach, I’ve heard the woes from singles, with politics being the biggest deal-breaker today. As each day goes on, the anger continues to grow among singles.

In the Politico piece, they reveal that young staffers are rationing their information flow when meeting a potential date; meaning they hold off on having “the talk” to avoid an early confrontation.

“I’ve still been able to hook up with women,” says a male former White House staffer. “But I know that I need to be careful about broaching the Trump stuff. I just know that going in, I need to be able to get it out at the right time and not get it out too early to the point where it’s like, ‘Hey, I worked for Trump, you should stop talking to me,’ but late enough in that eventually they know that there is this information floating out there that I worked for this guy and hopefully you have now seen that I’m not a horrible person and we can go further with this.”

But are liberals giving White House staffers or even any former employees of Trump a chance?

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Not at all. Even on my Facebook page, when I ask for opinions on dating in the age of Trump, and if singles would consider dating across party lines, it results in friends of mine posting hate comments to other friends of mine, with some even unfriending me because I posted the question.

In my upcoming book, “Love in the Age of Trump: How Politics is Polarizing Relationships,” I spent two years interviewing singles on their attitudes about the intersection of politics and love. The results have gotten more divisive as time goes on.

When we’re living in a time where we’re watching children ripped away from their parents and the possibility of women’s rights going backward, it’s hard for people to be quiet. The issues about humanity have become life-or-death. I applaud OkCupid’s partnership with the ACLU, and have the “Right to Love” badge proudly featured on my profile.

Will this trend lead to the death of romance? Not for a minute. Politics is front and center, and perhaps it took someone like Donald Trump for all of us to look at what’s important to us, and to choose a partner that feels the same way.

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Julie Spira is America’s Top Online Dating Expert and Digital Matchmaker. She’s the author up the upcoming book, Love in the Age of Trump: How Politics is Polarizing Relationships, and as a political dating expert she’s been coaching on how to singles navigate the challenging waters while dating in the Trump era.